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Loss for Words

What can I say?  It would be hard to come up with something exciting and worthwhile to do and see in Las Vegas after hearing of this tragedy that has affected all of us, one way or another.

So many of us have attended a concert, sporting event or party,  either on Fremont Street, UNLV, T-Mobile Arena or some other venue there and probably have never even given it a second thought about a sniper taking out so many innocent people.

The people who get he biggest thanks and standing ovation should be the police, fire and ambulance personnel that had to respond to this situation.  While others ran away, they all ran toward it, especially the police.  There were others and I apologize for not acknowledging the countless people who put themselves in harms way to protect others.

I will make this entry short and just hope and pray for quick healing, physically, mentally and spiritually for everyone involved.