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Reality TV in Sin City Part 2; History Channel Counting Cars

One show that spun off from “Pawn Stars” was “Counting Cars”.  Starring Danny, Kevin, Horny Mike, Rollie.  It started off on “Pawn Stars” with Rick or Corey calling Danny aka “the Count” of “Count’s Kustoms” to give his opinion on a car the shop might be buying.  The car might be a fixer, a kit car, or a restored classic and Danny would be called to see if the car would be worth buying and how much it can be re-sold for.

The History channel eventually gave Danny his own show “Counting Cars” which usually runs in half hour segments, shows Danny acquiring a car and a customer brining a car to the shop to be fixed up.   What amazes me is how much these customers spend to have their cars fixed!  Some pay as much as $40,000.00!1

If you go to the shop on 2714 S Highland Dr, it is just off Sahara Avenue between the Strip and the I-15 freeway.  You travel down less than a mile on Highland Drive and you will see signs directing you to the shop on the east side of the street.  When you arrive, you might find an employee sitting at the parking lot entrance who might let you park if there is space.  The shop shares parking with other businesses.  There is also street parking.

As you walk up to the entrance, you will see the familiar garage door where Danny and the customers usually stand and Danny will eventually  yell “Rollie!! Bring that bad boy out”.

You sign in the same lobby they use in the show and the admission is free.  Your allowed to walk around the shop’s collection, take all the pics you want, but you can’t touch any.  Fine by me.  You will see most from the shows and they are strategically placed so that you can walk around several vehicles.

When you get to the end, there is a gift shop that sells the usual gift items, but the hottest seller there seems to be the t-shirts the cast wears.  I wanted a XL black t-shirt that the cast all wears, but they were out of my size as well as the gray and white.  There was alot of red t-shirts, but not for me.  I feel that since I’m at Count’s Kustoms, the shirt should be black!!

While I didn’t see any of the cast, I was told by another Hawaii resident (remember how I mentioned I will be mentioning tips)  that if you go at lunch time, a lunch wagon will pull up, honk it’s horn and the shop crew will come out to eat and some of the cast from show might be included in the bunch.

Horny Mike's Bus
Horny Mike’s Bus

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