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Sticking with the Bellagio, it is probably the one of the few hotel casinos that could provide family entertainment and still be inexpensive to do.

Besides the fountains out front, there is also the Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  It is something to see!  Located right off the hotel lobby check in desk, it has plants and flowers, real and faux, designed to look like  animals, other plants, and objects, depending on the theme.

The theme will change almost every other month if not sooner to keep in line with the season.  You have Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Chinese New Year, Summer, etc.   You could drop in almost every month to see something different.

Tip:  Because this is free and in a convenient location, it gets very crowded in the early evening.  Taking pictures can be a challenge as there are so many people, but most are courteous to stop to let you snap your memories.  Later in the evening and late night will have a smaller crowd.

And to top it off with a dessert and something else to look at in awe, there is “the world’s largest chocolate fountain” in Jean-Philippe Patisserie located in the Spa Tower of the Bellagio.

You could watch as a continuous flow of light, medium and dark liquid chocolate flows from the upper level down to the lower levels.  All of which prompts you to turn around and buy an ice cream cone or piece of chocolate candy from the adjoining store.

MGM Properties and parking; how to ease the pain of paying

I think I have found a way around my personal speed bump, hiccup, detour, however you want to call it. A few weeks back, I wrote about how the MGM properties were going to start charging for parking and how other casinos will probably follow. I have found out that there is a MLife MasterCard that seems like a super deal. The rewards aren’t that impressive; 10k MLife points after spending $1000 in 90 days. 3x the points on each dollar spent at MLife properties, 2x the points on restaurants and grocery stores, and 1x the point on everything else.
What really drives this offer home to me is the following; automatic Pearl status for MLife rewards, free parking at MLife Las Vegas properties and NO Annual fee! This card it totally worth it for someone who visits Sin City often, and frequents these properties.

I will definitely be getting this card before my next trip to Las Vegas because not having to pay for parking is worth a credit inquiry.



Saving some money on the Las Vegas trip; Total Rewards

Going on vacation or a get away can be expensive, no matter the location; East Coast, Disneyland, Hawaii,  Las Vegas, etc,  and you might end up regretting taking the trip later, but how can you put a price tag on memories?

The Total Rewards program which is includes the properties of Caesar’s Palace,  Harrah’s, Bally’s, the Rio, the Cromwell, Plant Hollywood, the LINQ Las Vegas, and Paris.  And these are just the Las Vegas properties!!  Many more in other states!

One small way I found to save some money if your planning a Las Vegas vacation within the next 6-9 months is to apply for the Total Rewards credit card.  After your approved for this card, you only have to spend $750 in 90 days to earn 10,000 rewards points, not included is what you also earn on your spend.

What you earn when you use this card:

  • 5X the points for every $1 spend at a Total Rewards Destination
  • 2X the points for every $1 spent on gas, groceries, and airlines
  • 1X the points on everything else

A reward for being offered to  targeted new card holders is your choice of:

  • Two tickets to a show at a Total Rewards destitnation OR
  • One night stay at a Total Rewards Destination   OR
  • Two buffet passes at a Total Rewards Destination OR
  • Two tickets for the High Roller

The e-mail I received has these bonus offers, but when I go straight to the Total Rewards credit card web page, the bonuses are not mentioned.

One word of advice is that the tickets for the High Roller are only good during day light hours, which tends be not as impressive as night time over the Las Vegas skyline.

While the accumulation of the rewads points may not seem like it would get you a suite at Caeser’s, the bonus rewards can make getting this credit card worth it.   One of the biggest pluses to this card?  No annual fee and you get automatic Platinum status!!!

To maintain the Platinum status,  you would have to spend $5000 annually on the card, which is pretty easy to do.


Breaking from the routine part 2; the Downtown D Casino

I wrote a few days ago about staying at The D Downtown Las Vegas and now I want to  continue on about my experience.  The lobby is small and has only 4-5 stations to check in guests, compared to Strip hotels that  have 3x the amount of stations.

After getting your key, the room elevators are pretty much right behind you.  The elevator system is one I’ve only seen at this hotel, but I’m sure it’s elsewhere.  You go to one central key pad, enter your floor number and the screen tells you which elevator to enter.  You really by pass a bunch of floors this way.   When you enter the elevator, there is no push buttons for which floor because you already entered it on the central keypad.

Once in the rooms, they are clean and comfortable.   Beds were very comfortable and cleaned daily.  The showers have the type of shower head that gives you the rain feeling.

Overall, I say staying here is worth the money and the experience.