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Tis the season; Black Friday and Cyber Monday Vegas Style

Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Two names or phrases that are not that old and conjure up images of frenzied shopping with cash and credit cards leaving wallets after than Usain Bolt in the 100 meter sprint.  As this Thanksgiving holiday approached, we all saw ads on TV, Newspaper, websites, e-mails etc. for specials for both days.  Most of your “brick and mortar” stores) ie Macy’s, Kohl’s etc) those in a mall for example, were more to push the “Black Friday” concept while on line portals such as Ebay, Amazon, eBags etc were more toward the “Cyber Monday”.

I noticed that even Las Vegas got in on this craze and I’m not just talking about shopping the outlet malls, the  Forum Shops or Miracle Mile.  You could check a hotel casino’s webpage and get themed specials.  Most of these specials will be  emphasized on hotel rooms, meals and shows.  One the lesser known but big benefits are the multi point rewards on certain days.  Some casinos were  offering as high as 15x the points on “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. This could have been your chance to really rake in the rewards just off of your gaming.


MGM Properties and parking; how to ease the pain of paying

I think I have found a way around my personal speed bump, hiccup, detour, however you want to call it. A few weeks back, I wrote about how the MGM properties were going to start charging for parking and how other casinos will probably follow. I have found out that there is a MLife MasterCard that seems like a super deal. The rewards aren’t that impressive; 10k MLife points after spending $1000 in 90 days. 3x the points on each dollar spent at MLife properties, 2x the points on restaurants and grocery stores, and 1x the point on everything else.
What really drives this offer home to me is the following; automatic Pearl status for MLife rewards, free parking at MLife Las Vegas properties and NO Annual fee! This card it totally worth it for someone who visits Sin City often, and frequents these properties.

I will definitely be getting this card before my next trip to Las Vegas because not having to pay for parking is worth a credit inquiry.