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Events in Las Vegas

The activity and action from the Strip seems to be really heating up lately, in a good way.  With the addition of the new T-Mobile Arena behind New York New York Hotel and Casino, it seems like everyone and everything is being booked there.  Just looking at the upcoming schedule of concerts alone are; Barbara Streisand, Drake, Gwen Stefani, George Strait, Slipknot.

Some of the sporting events listed are; USA Basketball, UFC 202, LA Kings vs Colorado Avalance, and Los Angeles Lakers!

If you go to the T-Mobile Arena site, it is very user friendly and lists events, directions and parking, how to book the arena, seating configurations and even a link for a newsletter.

Not too far in the future should be a pretty spectacular domed stadium for the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders.  I read that Tom Hanks is a die hard Raiders fan and he stated that he can’t imagine the Raiders playing in a domed stadium, in the desert, on artificial turf, not far from a Roman palace, Egyptian pyramid and the Eiffel Tower!!  Some things are going take getting used to.

Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas

I recently got to visit Las Vegas from Feb. 5 to Feb. 10.  I flew from Honolulu direct to Las Vegas with my friends Brian, Bert and Darrin. Friends since we weren’t even old enough to drive.  We didn’t plan it, but we ended up flying out on Super Bowl Sunday.  We landed right at kick off and made it to the California Hotel by half time.  On our way there, you could tell that the game was in progress because the freeways and main roads had no traffic and very little cars on them!

We checked into the California Hotel in time for the second half, which I found out I couldn’t place many prop bets at that time. The sports book at the California is more comfortable than when it was upstairs and there was a lot of seats and viewing areas for people to watch the game.

TVs were on all over the casino; near the table games, the upstairs and downstairs bars and even in the Keno room!  There was even a special, by invitation only function going on in the Ohana Room on the second floor.

I took a quick walk down to Fremont Street and could see that it was pretty much a ghost town but I could hear the cheers coming from every casino bar, as most of them are near the entrance off of Fremont Street. While most of the places had some sort of drink special, party special or food special, most of the places were a bunch of football fans sitting together to watch the biggest game of the year. If your a Patriots fan, probably one of the best games ever.



Professional sports in Sin City

Oakland Raiders might become the Las Vegas Raiders. There is a hockey franchise ready to start and now there might be a NBA team in Las Vegas. Prior to all this, about the only professional sport you had in the desert was the Las Vegas 51’s, the minor league farm team for the New York Mets. There would be occasional NBA preseason games with the Los Angeles Lakers, but it might all change soon.

Imagine how the freeways will look if the Raiders do make their home in Las Vegas. If the Arizona Cardinals or Los Angeles Rams were to play in Las Vegas, there would a constant back up of cars stretching from Las Vegas back to either Phoenix or Los Angeles. I only mention those two for traffic because they seem to be the cities with the most people who will drive to Las Vegas versus flying.

Still no word yet on having these professional franchises in Las Vegas would effect betting at the sports books. We know that it doesn’t effect backroom betting, but the regulated betting lines might not fare too well with these teams in the State of Nevada.

Kahuku vs Bishop Gorman; Las Vegas and Hawaii game of the year

What has happened this weekend in Las Vegas has got to be something out of the ordinary. I’m not talking about Megabucks hitting twice in day but a huge football game. It’s not a professional game or even a NCAA FBS game but a high school football game between Kahuku High School and the number one team in the country, Bishop Gorman. The pride of the North Shore, Kahuku High School is ranked number 18 out of 20 according to the USA Today . It is really awesome considering that it is a public school which has to work with the student body that number barely over 1400 students.

Bishop Gorman also has a student body about the same size, but they don’t have community boundaries to operate within. It also helps that they have a long list of distinguished alumni with money.

On my Facebook page are a couple of videos of the Kahuku football team on Fremont Street attending a pep rally, which was huge! Located between the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino , Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel, The Fremont Hotel and Casino, and the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, a stage was set up and all I could see was red all the way down the Fremont Street Experience.

I was told informally that the game sold out within hours and Kahuku High School depleted their allotment of 2000 tickets, which goes to show the support the people of Hawaii can have for the home team. I know a few people from Hawaii made the trip (like it is hard to convince people from Hawaii to travel to Las Vegas) and thousands living on the mainland, I imagine the crowd will not be one sided in cheering.

I know this is early, but I wish the players from the North Shore the best of luck and to play hard, play with pride, and stay safe.