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Fading (or gone) icons Part 3

I have taken off too long and now I’m back from my recent trip to Las Vegas.  I got to stay at the California Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las  Vegas.  As I have written earlier, for someone from Hawaii to stay can be a cool experience.  You have food your familiar with, walking distance to other casinos, and your guaranteed to run into someone from home while your there, sometimes someone you haven’t seen in many years.

One of the biggest changes they made at the California was to move the sports book downstairs and to get rid of the snack bar/fast food counter that was on the ground floor.  It was a great place to get something fast, delicious and to go.  I really used to love the hamburger steak there.  A few times I ordered out so that I had a lunch to take on the plane, which was waaaay better than anything served on a plane.

One of the biggest adjustments I had to make with this renovation was that whenever I had leftover coupons from my meals booklet, I could take it to the snack counter and trade it in for cracker jack style popcorn, cookies, M&M’s and canned juice.  I found out you can still do it, but now you go to Lappert’s Ice Cream upstairs and they will exchange it for you.  But I think it has become kinda tight with the exchange.  I used to be able to get several bags of popcorn and cookies each but now I was only able to get one bag of popcorn and 3 bags of cookies.

The girl working there told me that it was based off the dollar amount of the tickets which came out to about $2.50 per ticket and the popcorn and cookies were $3-$4 a bag!  I guess I will just get less to take back home.

I have to someday write about how my friend Nick didn’t believe me that you can do this to cash everything out.