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Reality TV in Sin City Part 3; Sigma Derby, old school gambling

Last night’s episode of “Pawn Stars” was one I was very interested in viewing. It showed Rick and Chum going to theĀ  D Las VegasĀ to meet with Derek Stevens, co-owner. On the show, Derek is trying to sell his Sigma Derby, which is a really cool horse racing game located on the second floor. After the video game expert looked at the machine, he valued it to be around $35,000 but Derek Stevens was asking $80,000. Even if you didn’t see this episode, you would know that Rick and Derek couldn’t make the deal and the Sigma Derby ended up staying on the second floor.

What I didn’t realize is that at one time in the 80’s, Sigma Derby games were all over Sin City. A lot of properties had themed races, not just horses. Caesar’s Palace had chariots and the Luxor had camels instead of horses.

Part of the draw of this game is it looks like something from the golden age of Las Vegas, but it was created in the 80’s. It still uses coins (yes, I said that correctly) which we all know is hard to find now days. It can also be interactive as you are racing against other players, you not just staring at a screen by yourself.

I have been up to the second floor of the D many times and there is always action at this game. One of these days, I’m going to have to squeeze in and try my luck.