Olympics in Las Vegas; Anything is possible

These past few days I have been glued to the TV and other news website concerning the coverage of the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  I will start off by saying I am extremely proud of our athletes for what they have accomplished and really wish they could win them all.  Every four years are the only time I get into watching swimming, water polo, track and field etc.

So far in my lifetime I have seen the summer games twice within the USA and it got me thinking about the possibility of the Olympics being in Las Vegas?  Hear me out before you start with the reasons why it couldn’t happen.

Since hotels and mega malls seem to get built in record time in Las Vegas, I’m certain an Olympic sized arena could be built and in record time. The city of Las Vegas is toying with the idea of bringing the Oakland Raiders or another professional football team to the city and the arena, complete with football field and surrounded by a track could be the perfect solution.

An Olympic pool would have to be built, but with the heat in Las Vegas, it wouldn’t be hard to have people using it for a long time after the Olympics.

Other venues could be built or are currently in place to host most events.  We all know that hotels rooms would not be a problem there.


One thought on “Olympics in Las Vegas; Anything is possible”

  1. I know the Olympics ain’t NO big deal anymore…they all all see each other again 2 months from now……as for Locke…should be a endorsement ban for a year(you know called ethics)….and please don’t forget the other 2 involved too…..or a month in a Brazilian JAIL.., again called ETHICS……if left without some retribution…..then when kim jong it DROPS the bomb…you can’t spank him (again ETHICS)

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