Omiyage or gifts to bring back home

When visiting Las Vegas, those of us from the 50th State always seems like we have to bring something back for others; neighbors who watched your house while your gone, co-workers who had to put up with you being gone…again, friends and relatives just because.

One of the most popular items to be brought back from Las Vegas is beef jerky.  Yes the flavorful snack that was originated to keep meat from spoiling and has evolved to 100’s of flavors.  My favorite to bring back is one that is soft and sweet, like teriyaki.  Everyone has their favorite; spicy, mild, natural, hot, hard etc.

If your staying Downtown Las Vegas, there are at least four businesses to shop at within walking distance of each other.  The most convenient one is 808 Vegas located in the California Hotel which has the beef jerky and other snacks, one of my other favorites is the cinnamon bagel chips!  If shopping here, check to see if they will deliver to your room.  I heard they deliver to the California Hotel, Main Street, and Fremont.  Not sure about the other downtown hotels.

Just off of Fremont Street on 3rd Street, close to the Four Queens and the D is The Beef Jerky Store .  Same location for over 20 years and probably the one with the largest selection.  The walls are lined with beef jerky selections and other snacks!  Iso peanuts, arare, lemon peel, dried scallops, li hing worms, too many to mention and it bore you to death.  Their webpage even allows for online shopping in case you don’t see a trip coming up in the near future and no one you know is headed that way.

The next most popular location seems to be Las Vegas Jerkys, located on the third floor of the Plaza Hotel and Casino at the top of Fremont Street.  Their shop is pretty low key, nothing fancy but a wide selection.

If you wander further east on Fremont Street into Neonopolis, you will find Beef Jerky Neonopolis, on the ground floor, right next door to Ultimate Sportscards and Memorabilia .  This is the shop Jeremy, the sports memorabilia expert featured on History Channel‘s Pawn Stars owns.  The selection in this store is very expansive too, but super similar products to the Beef Jerky Store.  One of the lady’s that works at Beef Jerky Neonopolis used to be at the Beef Jerky Store, but when you ask them, it seems like she tries to down play it.

One of my friend’s commented to her about the Beef Jerky Store having expanding into this location and he was immediately shut down with “No, we opened this place.  We are not an expansion of them”.  Looks like family dramas.

Didn’t stop me from buying many bags of flavorful beef jerky, candies, nuts and other treats to take home back for the family, neighbors and co-workers.