Reality TV in Sin City 2017

I guess it’s no secret that I like to watch reality TV shows.  From the History Channel shows like Pawn Stars, Counting Cars,  A&E Channel Flipping Vegas as well as HGTV’s Fixer-Upper and Flip or Flop.

By now, there’s all sorts of chatter/rumors/talk about the future of “Flip or Flop” and it’s stars Tarek and Christina.  I’m not here to judge or to give my opinion as to what happened and what should happen.  While watching re-run of “Flip or Flop“, I see a commercial for a new show on HGTV called “Flip or Flop Vegas“.  I don’t know much at this time, but I would imagine that the costs for these homes would be lower than the Los Angeles/Orange County area, but I’m pretty sure that there won’t be too much put into landscaping as the Las Vegas Water District is always encouraging residents and businesses to go with low maintenance and drought resistant landscaping.

I know is going to happen is that I will start watching this new show and I’m going to want to jump on the next Hawaiian Airlines flight to Las Vegas!